Multifunction Key Chain Camera
  Multifunction Key Chain Camera
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Product Description:

This car keys micro camera looks like a real car alarm activator, though inside color camera, high resolution digital video recorder with audio sound that is activated by pressing a button is. This car key spy covert camera can record up to an hour before having to recharge the battery. This car key spy camera will charge plugged into the computer with the USB cable. Stylish Premium makes it easy to carry wherever you go.Super detector bright LED light for emergency or illumination use. This car key spy camera can holds 8 Concerts T-Flash Card of files that can be viewed on virtually any media software that supports AVI files. Build-in lithium battery which can make a video more than an hour in this mini spy camera DVR. It is more than 1 hour of recorded material before you need to delete or download. Just watch on your computer!

Main Features:
    • High quality monitor, protect personal privacy data and information confidential
    • Suitable for the bathroom of a hotel / restaurant / public / clothing, etc.
    • They have a long waiting time
    • Boot: In shutdown, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to start, light yellow, hard suspension
    • Images, Standby: Click (photos / video), vibration, not to change a light, and images
    • Video: standby, long (photos / video) 2 seconds, stirring twice, lamp on video. Video click (pictures / video key) stop video, vibration, yellow flag, with the exception of a. Photos / video (DV with remote control) also 808


Photo Resolution


1280 x 960 pixels

Format Photos



Video Resolution


640 x 480 pixels

Video Format


AVI, 30fps

Battery Capacity



Battery Voltage











Video camera

Special Features


Remote control



Key size

Working time


About 2 hours



93 x 38 x 13 mm / 3.7 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches (L x W x H)